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In the News: Our Town America & Shipley Do-Nuts Stand for Hurricane Harvey Victim

Hurricane Harvey may be behind us, but the devastation is still impacting Texas lives. One of those lives happens to be Shipley Do-Nuts employee Lucia Flores. After the hurricane damaged the Shipley Do-Nuts location where she worked, the flooding devastation seemed nearly impossible to remedy. And that’s when Our Town America stepped in. Our Town America is a national new mover marketing company with a local Houston representative. The company started a Facebook fundraising campaign and raised nearly $3,000. They then Read More

Donut vs Doughnut: How Do You Spell It?

donut vs doughnut

Everybody loves donuts… Well, some people prefer doughnuts. If you’re confused, you should be. We’re talking about the correct spelling – donut vs doughnut. Why? Where did the two spellings come from? And which is correct? Where did the word come from? Doughnut – est. 1809 by Washington Irving The first publication featuring the sweet treat was in The Oxford English Dictionary in 1809. Within the dictionary, Washington Irving’s History of New York mentions the word, saying, “An enormous dish Read More