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Get Wedding Catering from MyShipleyDonuts

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Wedding season is here! You have your wedding dress, a set date, venue,  and entertainment. But what’s for dessert? Let MyShipleyDonuts do your wedding catering for you! MyShipleyDonuts can help you and your guests have a great time by providing you with unique options for your wedding. Click the button below to order your next wedding catering. Why Have MyShipleyDonuts Cater My Wedding? Having MyShipleyDonuts do your wedding catering has many benefits! Firstly, your guests can have a different sweet Read More

Shipley’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Not sure what to give Mom as a Mother’s Day gift? Are you going around town trying to find something she will love? Or is Mom just too picky and not sure what will be the right gift for her? Don’t worry! MyShipleyDonuts has the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide you will love! It is filled with many options and assorted flavors that are sure to please anyone! The Best of Both Worlds When you think about ordering from MyShipleyDonuts, Read More

Delicious Donut Facts

When is donut time? All the time! Houston, Texas is home the best 24 hr donut shop. Either in the morning for breakfast or a midnight snack, My Shipley’s Donuts is open for you to enjoy a sweet or savory delight! We have many different types of donuts, kolaches, drinks, and more. Although we see donuts sell all over the country, there are still plenty of things you might not know about them. These delicious donut facts are sure to Read More