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Donuts: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and you know what that means: it’s time to get your sweetheart something sweet. With holiday catering from MyShipleyDonuts, you can’t go wrong. In fact, donuts are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Read on to learn more. Order Online!   Donuts are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Go beyond the cliche flowers, teddy bear, and box of chocolates this year. Doesn’t your partner deserve something spectacular? Of course they do! So shake it up this Read More

Get Donuts Anytime at Our 24-hour Shipley Do-Nuts

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Donuts anytime is an amazing concept. When you want donuts you can have them. Morning, noon, or in the middle of the night, donuts can be yours. All thanks to Shipley’s 24-hour donuts. Now, we don’t blame you for not believing us. You might even be sitting in your chair thinking, “Come on, really? 24-hours donuts? Donuts anytime? Is that even a real thing?” Yes, it is! But if you’re still not convinced, read on to see how you can get donuts Read More

Are Donuts Just for Breakfast?

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Donuts anytime. You’ve been craving donuts all day. No matter where you were you thought you saw them. In the rolls of paper at work, in the traffic-jammed tires on the way home. Donuts seemed to be anywhere you went. But as you finally pop off your shoes, you think, “I could really do glazed donuts right now. Are night donuts a thing? Or are donuts just for breakfast?” If you want to know if donuts are just for the AM, Read More

Shipley’s Has the Best Donuts Near You

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“Best donuts near me.” You have been craving donuts all day. You don’t why, you just know you want donuts. So you do what everyone else does, you google “best donuts near me.” After scrolling through the zillions of hits you spot Shipley. If you want to know why Shipley is the best donuts near you, read on. Order the Glazed Goodness Get the donut holes you know and love. Donut Holes Checkers You and your friend are playing checkers. It’s Read More

Where Are the Best Donuts Near Me?

With Shipley's donut delivery you can watch the store while the best donuts in town get delivered for you

You’ve searched “best donuts near me” for hours now. You’ve been in Houston a few months now and it’s high time to find your go-to donut spot. That’s when you decide to give Shipley Do-Nuts a try. “Why not?” you say to yourself. “Looks like it’s a pretty awesome place.” As you make your way to Shipley, see just how awesome it is. Yes, we can cater your next work event OR your wedding! We Serve More Than Drip Coffee Read More

Shipley: Your Neighborhood Coffee Shop

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Gone are the days when coffee shops were about grabbing a cup of coffee near me before you head to work. Today, they have become a culture – a place to celebrate life, meet friends, work, and spend quality time. So, it’s no wonder that every individual has their favorite coffee shop they often swear by. For some, a relaxing or cozy atmosphere makes all the difference. For others, it’s the delicious and fresh treats that keep them coming. Wondering Read More

Why Shipley Is Better Than Starbucks

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Ask a Houstonian, “Would you rather go to a Starbucks for coffee near me or head to Shipley Do-Nuts?” and a lot of them would answer the latter! Though Starbucks is an incredible coffee chain, there are many reasons why people like Shipley coffee better. For starters, Shipley Do-Nuts is a friendly neighborhood café, not a corporate establishment. It offers fresh donuts, kolaches, and beignets 24×7, gives you great discounts with coupons, and serves everything with a smile! When you Read More

Searching for “Coffee Near Me?” You Found It!

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Every cup of Shipley coffee requires the perfect touch: freshly prepared with a well-trained hand to craft it to perfection. At Shipley Do-Nuts you can expect delicious, high-quality coffee that exceeds your expectations. Searching for “coffee near me”? Look no further. My Shipley Do-Nuts has a full coffeehouse menu, experienced staff who can create your perfect cup of joe, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. You want more than just coffee when you search for “coffee near me.” You want something Read More

Where Are My Shipleys Donuts Locations?

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You’ve got to head to work at 8 a.m. In a hurry you drop the kids off to school to get everything ready for your big presentation at the office. With no time for breakfast, you wonder, “Where can I grab some delicious food?” Well, it’s time to head to one of our Shipleys Donuts locations or get them delivered! Get Donuts Delivered A 24/7 Donut Shop for Houstonians Whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, there’s Read More

How to Find Shipley Donuts Locations

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It’s 1 a.m. You’ve been working hard on a proposal. Before you head home after a long and tedious day, hunger strikes!   You can’t think of any quick-bite restaurants that might be open at this hour. Then one of your business partner says, “Why don’t we pick up a donut on the way home?”   Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse. Most of us wouldn’t miss an opportunity to indulge in a donut. And when it’s after a Read More