More Than a Houston Donut Shop

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Got a craving? Order online now! Order Now! When you think of a Houston donut shop, what do you think about? Donuts, right? Obviously. But not every donut shop is the same. MyShipleyDonuts is much more than a Houston donut shop – it’s the ultimate donut delivery, breakfast catering, and yummy treat shop. That’s right – we carry more than just donuts! Read on below to find out just what MyShipleyDonuts has to offer you beyond a typical glazed donut. Read More

Donut Delivery in Houston

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Enjoy Donut Delivery from MyShipleyDonuts If you love Shipley’s Donuts, then donut delivery is perfect for you! Times have changed – you no longer have to wrench yourself out of bed if you’re craving donuts, coffee, and kolaches from Shipley’s. The Internet has given us the power to do so many things – and one of them is making your life easier and your breakfast more convenient. Don’t want to change out of your pajamas? No problem. You can now Read More

Where Is Your Nearest Donut Shop?

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Where is your nearest donut shop? Do you know? Is there one just around the corner from your neighborhood or apartment complex? Is there one right next to the grocery store you frequent? Whether there is or there isn’t, take the time to break out of your “routine” bubble and try something new! Hey, you may even find you like Shipley Do-Nuts better! But you’ll never know if you don’t try. Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we understand that there’s nothing Read More

Why Donuts and Kolaches are Life

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There’s Always Room for More When you’re starting up your day, you need something to help get you going. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need something that’s going to fuel you, while also pleasing your empty stomach. Why not have something that can please your taste buds as well? With our donuts and kolaches, you can start your day off the right way. Don’t feel like you have to choose between the two. In reality, Read More

Cold Brew Coffee for Warm Summer Days

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Keep Yourself Cool This Summer Cold brew coffee is just the thing you need for a warm summer day. Like most adults, you need that coffee fix to help get you going. But sometimes the temperature outside isn’t right for a warm cup of coffee. If you live in Houston, you know just how hot it gets. It’s the perfect drink to sit back, relax, and help get you through the day. But first, how did this drink even become a Read More

5 Delicious Ways to Eat Shipley’s Donuts

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Houston Donut Shops You don’t have to eat a Shipley’s donuts the same way every time. In fact, there are plenty of ways to change up your donut game plan. At Shipley Do-Nuts, we love the fact that people get creative with our donuts and share the same love we have for them. We are sure other lovers of these perfectly-fried-portions would agree. (If you don’t, stop by one of our two Houston donut shops, and we’ll make you a Read More

Things to Remember for Your Next Breakfast Catering Event

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Make Mornings Great It’s generally well known that Shipley Do-Nuts’ breakfast catering is the perfect choice for many special occasions and events. People choose us time and again for these primary reasons. Fresh quality product, affordability, on-time delivery, and a convenient easy online ordering experience — not to mention, our friendly and reliable customer service. Most important to us, however, is that we want your event to be an indisputable success for you and your organization. This is why we’ve put Read More

Why Donut Catering is Now a Thing

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Bring Excitement to Any Event Donut catering may sound unusual at first, but it isn’t all too out of the ordinary. There’s plenty of settings where you can bring donuts. Sharing is caring, and you care if you share sweets. So, where can you bring donuts? There are plenty of places. Breakfast Donuts and breakfast go hand in hand. If you have a big event for your business, what better way to start it off than with donuts? Breakfast is Read More

5 Ways to Use Donuts Online Delivery

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Enjoy Shipley Do-Nuts No Matter Where You Are The day has finally come where we now have donuts online delivery. That’s right, you read that correctly. The future is now. Who needs flying cars and jet packs when you have a donut shop that delivers to your home! Now, we no longer have to go to the donut shop and wait to get our treats. With the push of a button, you can have them sent directly to you. So, Read More

A Fun and Tasty Houston Donut Shop

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Taking Donut Shops to the Next Level With the wide variety of food Houston has to offer, you need to try the new look of our Houston donut shop. Donut shops are great, but we like to go the extra mile. Our cooking isn’t the only thing that brings customers in. Our shop has a little magic to it as well. So, what makes us so different from the rest? Donuts with a Creative Look Our donuts not only taste good, Read More