Can Donuts Be Delivered?

get donuts delivered

You don’t know why, but you’ve been craving donuts. So, as you get into your car to get some you wonder, “Can I get donuts delivered? Can I really just sit back on my couch and do nothing but wait for donuts?”

Donut lovers, we have some awesome news. Believe it or not, yes, you can get donuts delivered. So if you’re wondering about all the ways you can get donuts delivered, read on.

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Could I Get Donuts Delivered at Night?get donuts delivered

That’s a great question. Say it’s late and you just got home from one heck of a day. All you want is a little delish donut to turn the night around. Something sweet and familiar. So how do you get donuts delivered? Simple! You can order through the Doordash app or go to our order page and click the DoorDash button under “Home Delivery.” With Shipley Do-Nuts your hard day could turn into one sweet night.

What if I’m at the Library?get donuts delivered

We’ve all been there. Cram sessions, college term papers to write…sometimes you get so caught up in getting caught up that you forget to break for a snack. Next thing you know your stomach is rumbling and every picture you run across in your textbook is looking more and more donut-like. So what do you do if you want to keep studying? Get donuts delivered! You’ll get to refuel with your favorite donuts AND keep the study train going all day long.

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get donuts deliveredWhat if it’s Sunday?

What if it’s Sunday and you just got out of church? Maybe you’re having some friends come by for a little post pew chat? While some places might be closed, our Westheimer location is wide open 24/7! The best part, you could even do a group order online so everyone gets the donuts they want and no one is stuck with the ones they don’t.

Our Westheimer location is open 24/7 so you satisfy your craving whenever it hits.

What if I’m Having a Party?

get donuts delivered

You’re throwing an impromptu party with your close friends. You have all the snacks you could ask for: chips, dips, and pretzels. You think everything is all ready to go when your spouse says, “What about dessert stuff? Chips are nice, but what if Phil wants something sweet?” You have to admit, your spouse is right. Phil has always been partial to sweets. He even asked if he could bring some, which, of course, you said he didn’t need to.

That’s when you recall that Shipley delivers! Thanks to Shipley Do-Nuts you could order the donuts you know Phil loves while relaxing at home waiting for your guests. Get What You Crave Delivered

Show off the flavors of Houston by serving our fresh beignets!

What if I Want to Impress Someone?get donuts delivered

Your long-distance partner is in town. You have not seen them in ages and to celebrate the occasion you decided to make your grandma’s famous beignets! But as you’re pouring the water into the yeast you realize it’s too hot! Your last packet of yeast is ruined as is your hope of impressing your partner. All you wanted was to see the look on their face as they enjoyed a hot and fresh beignet.

You’re about to tell them what’s happened when an idea strikes you. Get the beignets delivered! They’ll get to enjoy a donut they’ve never had and you’ll get to enjoy it with them without all the mess to clean up.

Impress Your Taste Buds With Fresh Beignets

What if I Want to Celebrate Something?

Finally, after several years, your braces are coming off. Your doctor had said when you first got them that eating donuts would be fine, but you didn’t want to chance it. Braces cost way too much to mess up,so for those three years you missed out. For a while it was fine, but near the end, you started to envision donuts wherever you turned! It got so bad that donuts became all you dreamt about. And now, you can finally enjoy them again. The best part? You can get your donuts delivered while practicing your new smile.

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Whether you want to enjoy donuts at night, celebrate a life milestone, or share a taste of Houston, get donuts delivered with Houston with Shipley Do-Nuts today! And with our 24-hour location, you can satisfy your donut craving anytime! Just the click on the button below to start your journey to flavor town!

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