Why Donut Catering is Now a Thing

donut catering houston tx

donut catering houston tx

Bring Excitement to Any Event

Donut catering may sound unusual at first, but it isn’t all too out of the ordinary. There’s plenty of settings where you can bring donuts. Sharing is caring, and you care if you share sweets. So, where can you bring donuts? There are plenty of places.


Donuts and breakfast go hand in hand. If you have a big event for your business, what better way to start it off than with donuts? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It keeps your metabolism going and provides energy throughout the day. Keep everyone full and happy with our delicious selection of donuts, kolaches, fruit trays, and, of course, coffee.


Sunday brunches are always great. Meeting up with friends on the weekend for food and good company is a great way to end your week. But do you know what could make it better? Oh yes, donuts. Cater your friends to our donuts and give them the brunch they deserve. Mimosas and donuts? That sounds excellent.

Snack Anytime

Whether you’re at a business meeting or an event, you know the struggle of needing a snack. That feeling of your stomach rumbling is horrible. You feel sluggish and need something to get you through the rest of the day. They say that snacking helps fuel your body to get you through the day. So why not get donut catering to provide a snack for everyone?

Company Events

Share a taste of Houston with your team. If they’re coming out of town, let them try a taste of Houston history: Shipley Donuts. Houstonians have been enjoying Shipley’s original recipe since 1936. Plus, with our business builder program (LINK TO  CORPORATE CATERING PROGRAM) we can even label the box with your business name.


No matter whose party it is, you can always pass out donuts to guests. Birthday cakes are good, but donuts are less of a hassle. You don’t have to worry about cutting them up into even pieces or worrying if there’s enough. Also, we can customize your donuts to match the theme of the party! Let us know how we can personalize your order with creative icing or flavors.


The donut wall is a big thing. A lot of people have them in their wedding receptions. Think of a small wall placed for your guests to grab a treat whenever they’d like throughout the reception. Not only is it decorative, but also delicious. Plus, everyone likes finger foods. Keep the party going with our donuts. Also, champagne and donuts are a match made in heaven. Compliment the food choices together to have a fun and tasty wedding reception.

Order Shipley’s Donut Catering Today

If you’re ready to order donuts for everyone, contact Shipley Do-Nuts! Call us today at (713) 589-3292 or place your order online. Our catering services do require at least a 24-hour advanced notice. We can also place orders in advance for up to 30 days. Start your online order today!

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Why Donut Catering is Now a Thing | Shipley Do-Nuts, Houston TX


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