Hole-some Moments with Shipley’s Delivery

Shipley's Delivery

These hole-some donut moments are brought to you by Shipley’s Delivery. Shipley’s delivery is a great way to satisfy your craving, create traditions, and keep in touch with old friends. But don’t take our word for it. Read on to see how a simple Shipley’s delivery can add in a little sweetness and light in your day.

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She can have the cake donuts she wants and you can relax on the couch while you order them.

The Donut Dilemma

You’ve just gotten home from a long commute to find your pregnant wife visually upset. Rushing to her you ask,
“What’s wrong?”

Shipley's delivery “I’m craving donuts but we don’t have any,” she replies.

“Ok, I’ll go to the supermarket down the road.” You turn to head back to the car when she blurts,

“I want them from Shipley! They’re the only ones that do the cake donuts right.” Cake Donuts? From Shipely Do-nuts? In THIS traffic?

You don’t want to dive back in the sea of cars but you also don’t want to disappoint your beloved wife. That’s when you recall Shipley’s Delivery. She can have the cake donuts she wants and you can relax on the couch while you order them.

A Shipley Do-Nuts employee walks towards you with a Shipley’s Delivery box and a note. It reads,
“Good Luck Daddy! I love you!-Your son.”

The First Day of Work

You’re driving into work feeling scared. It’s the first day of your dream job and you can’t help but wonder if you can handle it. What if I fail? What if I mess up so badly they fire me on the spot? How can I support my family then?

Your fear grows as you enter the office and for a second you think of quitting. That’s when someone calls your name.
“Yes?” A Shipley Do-Nuts employee walks towards you with a Shipley’s Delivery box and a note. It reads,Shipley's Delivery
“Good Luck Daddy! I love you!-Your son.”

Now, years later, your son is about to start his own scary new job. Looking at the Shipley’s Delivery note you’ve kept all these years you know what you have to do.

“Hello? Yes, I’d like to order Shipley’s delivery for my son…”

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Renewing Friendships

Shipley's Delivery You’re at college in the scary new city of Houston. Even though you’ve seen your best friend a few weeks ago, it feels like ages. You did everything together. Had the same classes, joined the same clubs, and lived on the same street since childhood.

And now you’re in completely different cities. You’d love to explore Houston’s food, but are afraid of venturing out alone.

“She was always good at that part,” you think. “I bet she’s already found something good at her college.” What you don’t realize, as you go to answer the knock on your door, is that your friend did find something good. Just not in her city.

“I have a delivery of kolaches here.” You reach for your wallet when the Shipley’s Delivery person says it’s been paid for by a friend, who just so happened to calling you on Skype.

“They got there already?” she beams, “Wow! That was fast. I just ordered them minutes ago! How do they taste? Everyone raves about them online.” Within the first bite, you can see why. They’re buttery, hot, and full  of a cheesy sausage flavor that only Shipley can deliver.

 In the corner of your eye you spot a Shipley’s delivery employee walking by and think of the countless Shipley Do-Nut holes you shared with him.

The Return Home

Shipley's DeliveryYour sitting on your porch thinking about your son whose deployed overseas. He’s due home any week now and you’re aching for his presence.

“I will always be proud that he enlisted,” you think to yourself, “But I just want my baby home with me.”

In the corner of your eye you spot a Shipley’s delivery employee walking by and think of the countless Shipley Do-Nut holes you shared with him. You couldn’t bring yourself to get some since he left.  To your amazement the Shipley’s delivery person walks up your porch steps.

“Ma’am, I have a vary special delivery for you.” You look at them completely puzzled and out stretch your hands for the box of donuts but don’t see any. Instead you see something you thought you needed to wait weeks for: Your deployed son holding a box of donut holes. Hugging him tighter than you can imagine he says,
“I couldn’t wait to share these with you.”

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Let Shipley’s delivery create the moments that become memories. Click below or call (281)-220-1103 to make life delicious.

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Hole-some Moments with Shipley’s Delivery | My Shipley Do-Nuts – Houston, TX


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