How to Store and Serve Leftover Donuts

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You’ve just had the best brunch of your life. Old friends came over, coffee was brewed, and you had Shipley Do-Nuts delivered. But as the last of your good friends hit the road you start to look at the leftover donuts and wonder, “How can I store these? Is there a best way to store leftover donuts and keep them fresh? And how long can they be kept fresh anyway?”

If you’ve recently enjoyed some Shipley Do-Nuts and have leftover donuts to spare, read on to learn the best ways to store the Shipley goodness for later enjoyment.

Are You Craving Donuts?

With the right storage method, you can keep the freshness around for days.

How to Check the Freshness of Donuts?

There may be some horrors lurking in your donuts that make them spoiled or rotten. Check them carefully before you store the leftovers. Look for the mold, first. If you find any trace of mold on your donut, discard it and order fresh ones. Shipley Do-Nuts is open 24/7 to take your order whenever you have a sweet craving.

The fuzzy and splotchy patches of mold rot the donuts and many other food items as well. But, sometimes, the evidence of evil in your donut isn’t visible to eyes. Here, you can test your sense of touch and feel. If it feels crumbly or dry, it may be due to poor storage of leftover donuts. Consume donuts only if they smell and taste good, just like when they’re fresh out of the oven.

However, you may need to store donuts when you order two dozens and obviously, can’t devour them all. So, here you go.

leftover donuts, shipley do-nutsWays to Store Donuts

Unlike bread and other yeast-based treats, there are many different methods to store leftover donuts. How you store them depends on a few things like:

  • Are you planning on enjoying the Shipley Do-Nuts again soon or do you want to save them for a later date, like the weekend?
  • Do they have an icing, glaze or toppings?
  • Do they have a cream filling?

“Okay, so…how long can they be kept fresh?” That depends on your storing method.

If you’re planning on eating them within two days, you can totally store donuts at room temp.

Method 1: At Room Temp/Counterleftover donuts, shipley do-nuts

If you plan on enjoying the leftover donuts pretty soon, such as the next couple of mornings (And we don’t blame you. With donuts as good as Shipley’s it’s hard to wait too long) storing them on the counter might be best. Place the donuts in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. You can also place the airtight container in a bread box so they’re easily accessible for when that Shipley Do-Nut craving hits!

Amazon has many stylish and vintage bread/donut boxes to fit any kitchen theme.

How long will the donuts last? About 1-2 days. Leftover donuts are likely to go stale after that.

What donut is this method best for? Counter storage is best for plain donuts, donuts with or without a glaze/icing, and unfilled donuts. Donuts filled with cream might spoil pretty fast, so it’s best not to leave them on the counter for too long. A few hours is okay if they’re fresh and you’re going to serve them soon, but not for much longer than that.

With the fridge method, you can keep the freshness going for about 5 days.

leftover donuts, shipley do-nutsMethod 2: The Fridge

Storing them in the fridge is the best method if you’d like to keep them a little longer than two days. Most plain and filled donuts will be fine wrapped in plastic or aluminum foil.

If your Shipley Do-Nuts are heavily glazed or iced, make sure to place them on wax paper in a single layer to avoid any stickiness.

Once you’re ready to enjoy them again, take them out of their wrappings and microwave them for around 10-second bursts to achieve your desired temp.

How long with they last? About 5 days. Anything longer than that and things are bound to get a little sticky.

What donut is this method best for? This method is best for all types of donuts, provided you use wax paper for glazed/iced donuts and store them in single layers.

While a lot of donuts can be frozen, those with bacon should be enjoyed soon.

Method 3: The Freezerleftover donuts, shipley do-nuts

If you’re wanting to store your donuts for a long while, maybe save them for a rainy day when you need a little pick-me-up, try storing them in the freezer. You can use plastic wrap, plastic bags or an airtight container. Just be sure to wrap the donuts tightly if you’re using plastic wrap or let out any air before closing plastic bags.

To get them back to room temp you can leave them in an airtight container while they thaw, or reheat them in the microwave. Like the fridge method, it’s best to warm them up in bursts of heat to avoid overheating.

How long with they last? About 6 months.

What donut is this method best for? This method is best for plain donuts, some glazed, and iced. However, any donuts topped with bacon or cereal might get soggy in the freezer so it’s best to consume those pretty quickly.

How to Serve Leftover Donuts?

While storing your donuts safely is important, you also need to serve them properly. Well, if you know how to, your leftover donuts will taste fresh even when they are a day old. So, before you serve them, do this. Unwrap the donuts that you need to serve instead of unwrapping all of them at once.

Keep them at room temperature in a sandwich bag. Leave for one hour and then, microwave the donuts. Heat them one donut at a time. Finally, take them out and add icing sugar before you serve your donuts hot and sweet!

With little efforts, your donuts would not only stay fresh but also taste heavenly as ever. Your guests will never guess that you served them leftover donuts. Isn’t that great?

Get Shipley’s Do-Nuts Today!

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How to Store Leftover Donuts | MyShipleyDonuts – Houston, TX


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