Our Top 5 Favorite Donuts

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Naming our favorite donuts is a hard thing to tackle. We love all of our donuts for their own uniquely sweet elements they bring to the table. In many ways, they’re all our favorite donuts. But even we have to admit there are days when one favorite donut really hits the spot. Presenting from Shipley Donuts: A Countdown of Our Top 5 Favorite Donuts. Craving Your Favorites? Donut holes are our favorite donuts for when you just want a little pop of sweetness. Read More

The 4 Best Moments For Breakfast Catering

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Did you know? Shipley Do-Nuts has breakfast catering. Yes, it’s true! The same donut shop that has donut delivery and other catering options can also do breakfast catering. Read on to get ideas on the best moments for breakfast catering. Cater Your Breakfast Today! Not only does Shipley Do-Nut do breakfast catering, they have Pokemon donuts! 1. The Pokemon Party You can hardly contain yourself. Your friends are coming over next Friday for a full day of Pokemon hunting leading up to the Read More

The History of National Donut Day!

National Donut Day, National Doughnut Day

National Donut Day is June 1st! To honor the “holey-ist” of holidays Shipley Do-Nut locations will give a free glazed donut with any purchase from 5AM-midnight. And to officially gear up for the day we’re going to explore its origins. Read on to see the “hole” story of National Donut Day. Order What You Crave The Salvation Army Started National Donut Day in 1938 The Salvation Army in France Believe it or not, National Donut Day (alternatively spelled National Doughnut Day) was Read More

Shipley – the best place that delivers donuts near me

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Your and your spouse are on a long overdue road trip around the USA and as you check into your first hotel you wonder “What are the places that deliver donuts near me?” Read on to see the best places that deliver donuts when you’re outside Houston. Are You Wanting Do-Nuts For Breakfast? New York City-Doughnut Plant LES. Mark Isreal started Doughnut Plant in a basement bakery in 1994. He used his grandfather’s specially honed doughnut recipe and baked all night for his Read More

How we Make the Best Beignets in Houston

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You’ve just finished a night of fun with friends and are craving a little something sweet, maybe beignets in Houston. As you think about getting some you wonder, “How does Shipley make the best beignets in Houston?” Order Some Beignets Now! Our dough is ready to fry on the fly.  We Make Them Fresh As it turns out, you weren’t the only one in your group of friends craving beignets. As they suggest a few places to go for the fried puffs of heaven, Read More

Delicious Food Duos: Donuts and Kolaches

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Have you ever had donuts and kolaches? Chicken and Waffles? It sounds crazy that sweet and savory taste great combined, but sometimes a little from both worlds is all you need to put the cherry on your salted caramel sundae. Here are several delicious food duos that food lovers can’t stop talking about. Order Donuts and Kolaches Now! Aaron Carron of 800 Degrees Pizzaria was a pizza purist until his customers changed his mind. Pineapple on Pizza This is probably the most controversial pairing in Read More

5 Reasons Our 24 hr Donut Shop is Better

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Did you know our 24 hr donut shop is better than others? Well, you know what they say, “The proof of the donut is in the tasting.” Read on to see how Shipley truly Makes Life Delicious. Have a Little Yum in Your Life Not only is the Westheimer location a 24 hr donut shop, but we also have cake donuts!  1. We Offer Real Cake Donuts You’ve just left a grueling late dinner with inlaws. The worst part? They declined the Read More

Hole-some Moments with Shipley’s Delivery

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These hole-some donut moments are brought to you by Shipley’s Delivery. Shipley’s delivery is a great way to satisfy your craving, create traditions, and keep in touch with old friends. But don’t take our word for it. Read on to see how a simple Shipley’s delivery can add in a little sweetness and light in your day. Order Now! She can have the cake donuts she wants and you can relax on the couch while you order them. The Donut Dilemma You’ve Read More

6 Events Perfect For Donut Catering

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If you’ve ever wondered about the perfect time for Donut Catering, do-nut worry! Here are six events ideal for donut catering. Order Now 1) The Office Party. We’ve all been there. There is going to be yet another party at the office and against all reason you’ve been tasked with dessert. You could plead your case but you know from the Holiday Party Incident of 2015 it’s best not to fight it. Your fate is sealed. So why not make theirs Read More

Can my dog eat donuts?

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We all love our furry friends, and when it comes to their health, it’s important to know what is and isn’t safe for them to eat. While we love to share our lives with our dogs, it’s not always safe to share our favorite foods with them, though. Order Delicious Donuts — Just for You The Difference Between Dog and Human Digestion Dogs and humans digest food differently. Just like how certain animals need certain nutrients to survive, dogs and Read More