How to Find Shipley Donuts Locations

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It’s 1 a.m. You’ve been working hard on a proposal. Before you head home after a long and tedious day, hunger strikes!   You can’t think of any quick-bite restaurants that might be open at this hour. Then one of your business partner says, “Why don’t we pick up a donut on the way home?”   Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse. Most of us wouldn’t miss an opportunity to indulge in a donut. And when it’s after a Read More

How to Store and Serve Leftover Donuts

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You’ve just had the best brunch of your life. Old friends came over, coffee was brewed, and you had Shipley Do-Nuts delivered. But as the last of your good friends hit the road you start to look at the leftover donuts and wonder, “How can I store these? Is there a best way to store leftover donuts and keep them fresh? And how long can they be kept fresh anyway?” If you’ve recently enjoyed some Shipley Do-Nuts and have leftover donuts to spare, Read More

5 Great Things About Shipley Do-Nuts

coffee near me, Shipley coffee

Shipley Do-Nuts is proud to use our classic gourmet recipe that’s been around since 1936. Come enjoy snack-sized munchies, sweet treats, and free Wi-Fi in the comfortable ambience of our cafe. Donut cravings satisfied 24/7. 1) Open 24 Hours    Just landed from a five-hour flight at 3 am? Between the exhaustion and dreading an early meeting tomorrow, you forgot to have dinner. Just as you pass by Shipley, you realize it’s open. Did your eyes trick you? Of course not Read More

Best Places to Get Your Favorite Donuts Delivered

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You are driving around town when you spot Shipley Do-Nuts and get that all-too-familiar craving. You’re about to suggest you guys stop in for a few of your favorites when your phone’s calendar reminds you of the packed day ahead. “Guess we’ll have to get donuts delivered,” you think. As you pass by Shipley a thought pops into your head: “I wonder where Shipley delivers…” If you’ve had that same question, read on to see some great places to get Read More

Can Donuts Be Delivered?

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You don’t know why, but you’ve been craving donuts. So, as you get into your car to get some you wonder, “Can I get donuts delivered? Can I really just sit back on my couch and do nothing but wait for donuts?” Donut lovers, we have some awesome news. Believe it or not, yes, you can get donuts delivered. So if you’re wondering about all the ways you can get donuts delivered, read on. Order the Deliciousness Today Could I Get Read More

Donuts Delivered Anytime

Donuts Delivered Anytime

Donut delivery Houston. You’ve typed this in Google in the past with less than pleasing results. Well, that changes today. Shipley Do-Nuts, the Houston donut shop you know and love, can deliver you the best donuts in Houston anytime, day or night. So if you’re wondering what would be the perfect time for donut delivery, read the stories below for inspiration. Are Donuts What You Crave? It will be the perfect welcome home he never knew he needed. The Return Read More

Shipley Do-Nuts Has a Full Coffeehouse Menu!

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Coffeehouse menu? Does Shipley Do-Nuts actually have one? Yes, we do! Your favorite place to get delicious donuts can now become your new favorite Houston coffeehouse, too!  So sit back, relax, and read all the fun ways to enjoy Shipley Do-Nuts’ new coffeehouse menu. Please note: Currently, this coffeehouse menu is available exclusively at our 24 hour 12403 Westheimer and Downtown tunnel locations (open M-F 5am-3pm) Get the Coffee You Crave! We have classic coffeehouse favorites from espresso to smoothies and everything in between Read More

Our Top 5 Favorite Donuts

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Naming our favorite donuts is a hard thing to tackle. We love all of our donuts for their own uniquely sweet elements they bring to the table. In many ways, they’re all our favorite donuts. But even we have to admit there are days when one favorite donut really hits the spot. Presenting from Shipley Donuts: A Countdown of Our Top 5 Favorite Donuts. Craving Your Favorites? Donut holes are our favorite donuts for when you just want a little pop of sweetness. Read More

The 4 Best Moments For Breakfast Catering

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Did you know? Shipley Do-Nuts has breakfast catering. Yes, it’s true! The same donut shop that has donut delivery and other catering options can also do breakfast catering. Read on to get ideas on the best moments for breakfast catering. Cater Your Breakfast Today! Not only does Shipley Do-Nut do breakfast catering, they have Pokemon donuts! 1. The Pokemon Party You can hardly contain yourself. Your friends are coming over next Friday for a full day of Pokemon hunting leading up to the Read More

The History of National Donut Day!

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National Donut Day is June 1st! To honor the “holey-ist” of holidays Shipley Do-Nut locations will give a free glazed donut with any purchase from 5AM-midnight. And to officially gear up for the day we’re going to explore its origins. Read on to see the “hole” story of National Donut Day. Order What You Crave The Salvation Army Started National Donut Day in 1938 The Salvation Army in France Believe it or not, National Donut Day (alternatively spelled National Doughnut Day) was Read More