In the News: Our Town America & Shipley Do-Nuts Stand for Hurricane Harvey Victim

Hurricane Harvey may be behind us, but the devastation is still impacting Texas lives. One of those lives happens to be Shipley Do-Nuts employee Lucia Flores. After the hurricane damaged the Shipley Do-Nuts location where she worked, the flooding devastation seemed nearly impossible to remedy. And that’s when Our Town America stepped in. Our Town America is a national new mover marketing company with a local Houston representative. The company started a Facebook fundraising campaign and raised nearly $3,000. They then Read More

Donut vs Doughnut: How Do You Spell It?

donut vs doughnut

Everybody loves donuts… Well, some people prefer doughnuts. If you’re confused, you should be. We’re talking about the correct spelling – donut vs doughnut. Why? Where did the two spellings come from? And which is correct? Where did the word come from? Doughnut – est. 1809 by Washington Irving The first publication featuring the sweet treat was in The Oxford English Dictionary in 1809. Within the dictionary, Washington Irving’s History of New York mentions the word, saying, “An enormous dish Read More

Try Something New With Breakfast Catering!

donut catering

Ever tried breakfast catering? Breakfast catering from Shipley Do-Nuts is the perfect way to provide delicious food at any event in Houston. Best of all, Shipley Do-Nuts offers high-quality catering at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. From savory kolaches to sweet specialty donuts, every craving can be satisfied at Shipley Do-Nuts. We also offer beignets! Order anytime, anywhere, 24/7 either by calling one of our locations or by making an order online! Want the best in donut catering? Order from Read More

The Texas Donut Guide: Where to Find the Best Donuts in Texas

best donuts in houston

Looking for the best donuts in Houston? You’ve come to the right place – Shipley Do-Nuts has been making delicious donuts, kolaches, beignets, and more since 1936. All Houston donut shops are not created equal. Shipley Do-Nuts has the best donuts in Houston, hands down! But when you’re out of town, and you get that craving, where do you go? That’s why Shipley Do-Nuts has put together this list of where to find the best donuts all over the great Read More

More Than a Houston Donut Shop

online donut delivery

Got a craving? Order online now! Order Now! When you think of a Houston donut shop, what do you think about? Donuts, right? Obviously. But not every donut shop is the same. Shipley Do-Nuts is much more than a Houston donut shop – it’s the ultimate donut delivery, breakfast catering, and yummy treat shop. That’s right – we carry more than just donuts! Read on below to find out just what Shipley Do-Nuts has to offer you beyond a typical Read More

Donut Delivery in Houston

donut delivery houston

Enjoy Donut Delivery from Shipley Do-Nuts If you love Shipley Do-Nuts, then donut delivery is perfect for you! Times have changed – you no longer have to wrench yourself out of bed if you’re craving donuts, coffee, and kolaches from Shipley Do-Nuts. The Internet has given us the power to do so many things – and one of them is making your life easier and your breakfast more convenient. Don’t want to change out of your pajamas? No problem. You Read More

Where Is Your Nearest Donut Shop?

nearest donut shop

Where is your nearest donut shop? Do you know? Is there one just around the corner from your neighborhood or apartment complex? Is there one right next to the grocery store you frequent? Whether there is or there isn’t, take the time to break out of your “routine” bubble and try something new! Hey, you may even find you like Shipley Do-Nuts better! But you’ll never know if you don’t try. Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we understand that there’s nothing Read More

Why Donuts and Kolaches are Life

best donuts and kolaches

There’s Always Room for More When you’re starting up your day, you need something to help get you going. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need something that’s going to fuel you, while also pleasing your empty stomach. Why not have something that can please your taste buds as well? With our donuts and kolaches, you can start your day off the right way. Don’t feel like you have to choose between the two. In reality, Read More

Cold Brew Coffee for Warm Summer Days

cold brew coffee houston tx

Keep Yourself Cool This Summer Cold brew coffee is just the thing you need for a warm summer day. Like most adults, you need that coffee fix to help get you going. But sometimes the temperature outside isn’t right for a warm cup of coffee. If you live in Houston, you know just how hot it gets. It’s the perfect drink to sit back, relax, and help get you through the day. But first, how did this drink even become a Read More

5 Delicious Ways to Eat Shipley’s Donuts

Shipley Donuts - houston donut shops

Houston Donut Shops You don’t have to eat a Shipley’s donuts the same way every time. In fact, there are plenty of ways to change up your donut game plan. At Shipley Do-Nuts, we love the fact that people get creative with our donuts and share the same love we have for them. We are sure other lovers of these perfectly-fried-portions would agree. (If you don’t, stop by one of our two Houston donut shops, and we’ll make you a Read More