The History of Sprinkles

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Sprinkles are pretty much everyone’s favorite donut topping! But have you ever wondered where they came from, who invented them, and what got them so popular? Well, wonder no more – we’re here to tell you all about the history of sprinkles. Order Donuts with Sprinkles Online Now! They Weren’t Always Called Sprinkles It’s true; sprinkles have tons of other names, including: nonpareils hundreds and thousands hagel-slag fairy bread jimmies The Dictionary of American Regional English defines jimmies as “tiny balls or Read More

Online donut delivery makes getting Shipley Do-Nuts easier than ever

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Everyone loves fresh, tasty donuts, especially at Shipley Do-Nuts. We have been a favorite donut maker for years and we are more excited than ever to be able to offer online donut delivery to our valued customers. Our donuts have an inviting texture that is reminiscent of a cake, but with the hearty consistency of bread. They have a special taste and texture and some even feature fun toppings. Donuts are the perfect item for breakfast, a late night snack, Read More

Why am I craving donuts? The Science Behind Cravings

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“I’m craving donuts. But why?” The simple answer is that you’re hungry, and donuts are delicious! But it goes beyond that. We all get cravings. We’ve all been there. It’s midnight, you can’t sleep, and you have a sudden craving for something sweet. So you head down to the kitchen and open up the fridge. Then one of 3 things happens. Either: A) You find the perfect sweet treat to sate your hunger; B) You don’t have what you’re looking Read More

Why do donuts have holes?

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If you’ve ever wondered why donuts have holes in the middle, you’re not alone; tons of people have asked this question, and the Houston donut delivery experts at Shipley Do-Nuts are here to answer it for you. Myth: All Donuts Have Holes While most traditional donuts have holes in the middle, all donuts do not, in fact, have holes. A great example of a donut without holes is the jelly-filled style. These donuts are typically stuffed with a fruit-flavored filling, Read More

The History of Birthdays and Birthday Cakes

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Try Birthday Donuts Instead of Birthday Cake This Year! Celebrating birthdays with cake has long been a tradition in American culture, but this Houston donut shop urges you to try something different this year: donuts. Whether you’re tired of the same old cake every year, want to try something new and different, or just love donuts, donuts are a great choice for a birthday treat. Read on to learn about why we celebrate birthdays, where the traditions came from, and Read More

How to Store Donuts and Keep Them Fresh

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Donuts are pretty popular. Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we create some of the most delicious, fresh donuts Houston has to offer. From traditional glazed, sprinkles and frosting, to bavarian and creme-filled, Shipley Do-Nuts has tons of great options for even the pickiest eaters. Did You Know? Donuts can be stored to eat later! So you’ve ordered fresh donuts and you’re chowing down. Here’s the problem: you’re getting full, and there are still a bunch of donuts left! You don’t want to Read More

Shipleys Donuts Top 6 Funny Donut Posts


Our Shipleys Donuts locations are about more than just making delicious donuts – along with all our scrumptious treats, we like to have some fun too! Here are 6 of our favorite donut posts from the Internet. 6 – This Baked Goods Yoga Scene                                     5 – Mitch Hedberg’s Receipt for a Doughnut Shipleys Donuts loves to laugh, too – especially at comedy sketches Read More

Get Your Pumpkin Spice Fix with Our Seasonal Donuts!

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‘Tis the season to be spooky – and eat seasonal donuts! It’s officially October, and that marks the beginning of the holiday season! Okay- let’s be honest… It’s pumpkin spice season. During this special time of year, we like to get in the spirit with our seasonal donuts and PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes). Keep reading to find out more about our exciting fall offerings! Order Pumpkin Spice Donuts Now! For the Pumpkin Spice Fanatic: Plain Pumpkin Spice Cake Donuts Glazed Read More

The History of Beignets – Houston

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Beignets in Houston are delicious and easy to find now, but where did they come from? What’s their history? Beignet is pronounced ben-YAY Fun Facts About Beignets If you have never had a beignet in Houston, you have got to try one! They’re warm and delicious! Beignets – Square donuts with dough that is deep-fried and coated in powdered sugar. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana Official state doughnut of Louisiana Beignets are usually fried in oils with a high “smoke Read More

In the News: Our Town America & Shipley Do-Nuts Stand for Hurricane Harvey Victim

Hurricane Harvey may be behind us, but the devastation is still impacting Texas lives. One of those lives happens to be Shipley Do-Nuts employee Lucia Flores. After the hurricane damaged the Shipley Do-Nuts location where she worked, the flooding devastation seemed nearly impossible to remedy. And that’s when Our Town America stepped in. Our Town America is a national new mover marketing company with a local Houston representative. The company started a Facebook fundraising campaign and raised nearly $3,000. They then Read More