3 Reasons to Choose Shipley Breakfast Catering in Houston

Shipley Breakfast Catering in Houston

Shipley breakfast catering in Houston provides an abundant number of treats for your colleageues, team, classmates, group, family and friends. We deliver to wide variety of places, including hotels, churches, schools, seminars, offices, warehouses, events and more. If you have a large business or an upcoming event, you may want to consider Shipley Do-Nuts. The following are three reasons to choose Shipley breakfast catering in Houston: 1. Affordable Catering Packages The first reason that you may want to choose Shipley’s for breakfast catering in Read More

10 No-Brainers on Why 24 Hour Donut Shops are Awesome

24 hr donut shop. donuts anytime.

Just in case you’re looking for a good reason indulge in something sweet, we’ve put together a list of why 24 hour donut shops really rock our world. 1. Stay Awake Need to stay up? Sugar can wake your brain up.  Sugar has proven to be a great way to stay awake and alert when you need it. Whether you have final exams coming up or a career-changing proposal due in the morning, the sugar in donuts will help you stay Read More

Order Donuts Online at Shipley Donuts

Order Donuts Online

Order Donuts Online Consumer research has shown that more and more customers prefer the convenience of being able to order food online. According to data compiled by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, more than 69 percent of customers have ordered food online at one point. In response to this growing trend, the team at Shipley Donuts is offering home delivery of their delicious baked goods across the Houston area. Donuts and So Much More It’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying Read More

Donut Catering in Houston

Donut Catering in Houston

Donut Catering in Houston Donut catering in Houston allows you to treat your organization to delicious and gourmet bakery items. Shipley Donuts, with locations Downtown and in Westheimer, has corporate catering packages that are ideal for school, church, and business functions. With convenient delivery and pickup options, you’ll be able to delight your staff with a wide array of delectable treats. Convenient Donut Catering in Houston To take the guesswork out of calculating what to order for your organization, Shipley Donuts Read More

Shipley’s Downtown Houston Donut Catering Services

Downtown Houston Donut Catering Do you love donuts? Why not brighten your mornings with great tasty and freshly prepared donuts just for you. Start your morning the right way with Shipley’s delicious baked confectioneries prepared and delivered to your door at the time and place you want them, fresh and hot- guaranteed. Almost everyone loves donuts and if you are in the Houston area, Shipley Donuts will bring your freshly prepared donuts to your home or office at your convenience. Read More

Make Your Next Event Amazing With Shipley’s Donut Delivery in Houston

Donut Delivery in Houston The only thing better than warm, fresh, delicious beignets, kolaches, and donuts are warm, fresh, delicious beignets, kolaches, and donuts delivered to your in home brunch, fundraiser, or corporate party. Shipley’s Do-Nuts, at 12403 Westheimer Rd., is serving up hot, pillowy soft confections 24-7 and is the best donut delivery in Houston. From the deliciously sweet donuts and beignets to the scrumptiously savory sausage and cheese variations of kolaches, Shipley’s delivers on big flavor and amazing convenience. There is only Read More

Reasons Donut Catering is the Best Choice!

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Donut Catering Are you searching for quality catering that tastes great and is affordable? We have the perfect solution for you. Donuts are an excellent choice for any catering event. At Shipley Do-Nuts we have catered to many events and take pride in offering the best donut catering in Houston 24/7. Still need some convincing? Check out our reasons below for why you should have donuts catered to your next event! Delicious and Tasty Donuts are delicious and tasty. You Read More

Donuts – Secret to Enhancing Your Memory in the Morning

Order Donuts Online - MyShipley Do-Nuts

Order Donuts Online Yes, you read the title correctly. Studies have shown eating a donut in the morning accompanied with coffee improves your memory. When we wake early in the morning, most of our brains are a bit groggy. It can take awhile for us to fully wake up. You may want to order donuts online, but then you feel guilty because you believe donuts are not a healthy snack. So you eat eggs and sausage with a cup of Read More

Best Kolache Delivery in Houston

The Big Earl Kolache

You Have Not Lived Until You’ve Tried Kolache Are you hungry? If so, we have one word to fix this problem: Kolaches. For those who have never had one. We must inform you that you have not lived until you have tried one of our unique and great tasting Kolaches at Shipley’s Do-Nuts! Best Kolache Delivery in Houston Okay we may be over exaggerating. However, anyone who has ever tried one knows these bad boys are absolutely delicious! When made Read More

Shipley’s Do-nut Offers Excellent Catering Options

When the residences of Houston think about donut catering, the first thing that comes into their mind is – Shipley Do-nuts.   Our donut shop was established in 1936. We have been offering catering services to the Houston Community for years and proudly offer fresh hot donuts, delicious beignets, and unique kolaches 24 hours. All items on the menu are made with quality ingredients and our special ingredient – love. That is right! We put our heart and soul into Read More