The Big Earl Kolache

The Big Earl Kolache

When it comes to famous Texas kolaches, there’s nothing quite like the Big Earl Kolache.

While kolaches (filled breakfast pastries) are already widely known as ‘a Texas thing’, the Big Earl Kolache adds a whole new level of Texan to this famous breakfast pastry.

Why the Big Earl?

‘Big Earl’, Earl Campbell, (also nick-named The Tyler Rose) is a former American running back for the Houston Oilers. He played for eight seasons, from 1978-1985, and is known as the #3 power back of all time. In 1991 he was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If you watch his highlight real, it’s easy to see why.

Earl Campbell Meat Products, Inc.

Since retiring from the game, Earl Campbell has shared his love of cooking barbecue, ribs, and sausage with meat lovers throughout Texas and beyond. His signature line of meats, aptly named Earl Campbell Meat Products, has been growing in popularity for over twenty years. Earl Campbell’s ‘Hot Links’ have become one of the top-selling sausage products in the country. They are known for having mouth-watering flavor, ‘with just the right amount of spice.’

The Big Earl Kolache

Anyone who lived in Houston during the reign of Earl Campbell could not help but be moved by his spectacular achievements as an Oilers’ running back. In dedication to his achievements in both football and charcuterie (sausage-making), our Shipley Do-Nuts location is proud to offer a kolache worthy of his stature.

This one of a kind kolache is made using only the best Earl Campbell Meat Products. Larger than your average kolache, this filled breakfast pastry features Earl’s famous hot links, wrapped in melted cheese, and warm, flaky, traditional Czech pastry dough. This perfect combination will give your taste buds quite a hit, and just keep on coming. For those Earl Campbell fans looking for a little less of a punch, we offer it in two varieties. Sausage and cheese, as well as our favorite, sausage and cheese with jalapeños.

Get Your Big Earl Kolache

Just as people travel far and wide to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH, so to do we welcome road trippers and travelers from all places with a truly Texan kolache that does not disappoint. If you loved watching Earl Campbell, The Tyler Rose, or if you simply love kolaches, then come by for your very own Big Earl Kolache.

You can drop in for a bite 24/7 (Westheimer location only), order our mouth-watering kolaches online for delivery, or get your kolaches catered.

The Big Earl Kolache is available at our 12403 Westheimer Rd. and 1001 McKinney St. locations in Houston, TX.

The Big Earl Kolache | Shipley Do-Nuts, Houston, TX


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  1. Can’t wait to try Big Earl Kolache “absolutely the sausage and cheese with Jalapeños 👍 A Texas Thing. Love Shipley’s. Best in Houston 👍


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