Where Are the Best Donuts Near Me?

With Shipley's donut delivery you can watch the store while the best donuts in town get delivered for you

You’ve searched «best donuts near me» for hours now. You’ve been in Houston a few months now and it’s high time to find your go-to donut spot. That’s when you decide to give Shipley Do-Nuts a try.

«Why not?» you say to yourself. “Looks like it’s a pretty awesome place.» As you make your way to Shipley, see just how awesome it is.

Yes, we can cater your next work event OR your wedding!

We Serve More Than Drip Coffee

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The first thing you notice is that Shipley doesn’t just serve drip coffee. We also have espresso drinks and a complete decadence menu. It’s full of mudslide drinks, dreamy orange creamsicle drinks, and yes, even a drink flavored like chocolate turtles. How’s that for a coffeehouse menu?

We Cater

best donuts near me

You order an espresso and take a seat. Sipping the silky smooth coffee with milk so frothy it’s almost whipped, you overhear someone ordering.

“Yes,” they say, “Add some donut holes, too. The boss has really grown to like them. You should have seen how happy she was when she found out you guys do catering!”

Catering? “That’s a thing?” you think. “Could hav used that when my family came to visit.”

You’re so excited about the catering that you pull up Shipley’s website. That’s when you discover we do weddings, too.

Shipley Do-Nuts Caters Weddings

best donuts near me

Yes, you read that right. You can have My Shipley Do-Nuts at your wedding! For weeks you and your fiance have been trying to decide on a cake. You both know a cake is expected, and yet it doesn’t feel right.

But donuts feel right. The more you think about it, the more you realize how right it is. Not only would you be able to little bags of donut holes at the tables; you could have tiers of donuts instead of cake! Imagine…tiers and tiers of donuts! You’re so excited that you call your fiance.

Delivery is Available!

best donuts near me

“Oh, I’ve known they do weddings for a long time,” you fiancee says. “Actually, they do this Homer Simpson-like donut that would be perfect for us!” You have to agree. A Simpsons viewing party is where you met, after all. It just makes sense to have a Simpsons themed wedding. You’re about to order some strawberry frosted sprinkle donuts when your fiance says, “Way ahead of you. I got some delivered for us to try later.”

“Delivered?” you exclaim, “They can do that?”

“Oh yeah. I found that out the hard way when I came to their door at midnight once.” Midnight? Are they really open that late, you wonder?
Actually, we’re are open much later than that.

Yes, We Really Are Open 24/7!

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“Really?” You say. “They are open 24/7?”

“Yes,” your fiance chuckles. «They really are. Just the Westheimer location, though.”

You’re so amazed about this fact that you decide to try this out for yourself a few days later. At 1 A.M.

You and your friends had just had a fun night out and wanted to top it off with something sweet. Donut-sweet.

“Wow,” you say as the Uber drops you and your friends off. “They really are open 24/7.” And the donuts you order taste just as sweet then as they do during the day.

Try Shipley’s Best Donuts Today

We’ve been making delicious donuts since 1936. If you’re craving the classics, or just want a taste of Houston, click below to order Shipley Do-Nuts or come by our two locations today. We have all types of donuts from caked to glazed, kolaches, and let’s not forget our French Quarter beignets. 

best donuts near me

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