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At Shipley Do-Nuts, we’re always cooking, 24 hours a day. We are one of only a few 24-hour Shipley Do-Nuts locations in the Houston area. We pride ourselves on ALWAYS having hot, fresh treats for your enjoyment. Browse our website and see the beignets, donuts, and kolaches we have cooking, then come by and see us or order online.

24-hour shipley do-nutsDonuts

Since 1936 we’ve been using the same gourmet donut recipe to constantly produce the best-tasting donuts ever. We have over 60 varieties of delicious donuts that all Shipley Donut locations carry and we continue to produce specialty donuts that you will only find here. Take a look at our menu to see how we can satisfy your donuts craving today. Come and see us or order online.

24-hour shipley do-nutsKolaches

Kolaches are best served warm and we make sure to have fresh warm kolaches all 24 hours a day, every day! We have a huge variety of kolaches as well. This location is one of the few to carry the “Big Earl” kolache. The sausage used is from Earl Campbell Meat Products, Inc. We are the only location in Houston making snack sized kolaches and kolache poppers.

We have a gourmet kolache made with Italian sausage and provolone cheese. In the morning, you can get your kolaches with scrambled eggs included. We even have a Grilled Chicken with Pepper Jack cheese served with a side of spicy ranch dressing, and a spicy Boudin Kolache made by Houston’s own Frenchy’s. Take a look at our menu to see how we can satisfy your warm fresh kolache craving today. Come and see us at our 24-hour Shipley Do-Nuts locations or order online.

*Kolaches included with catering orders are individually bagged & labeled for better hygiene and easy identification.




Enjoy the Best Beignets Houston Has to Offer 24 Hours a Day

Welcome to Beignet Heaven! When the sun goes down, this 24-hour Shipley Do-Nuts undergoes a few subtle transformations. During the evening hours, our patio is where you want to be to enjoy some hot, fresh, made-to-order Beignets just like Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans and your favorite cup of coffee or cocoa. You can even indulge a little with our own coffeehouse specialties like a Café Latte, Café Americano, Café Au Lait or Cappuccino. Rendezvous with friends after the game, a movie, church, dinner, meeting — or just to get out of the house to enjoy a late-night snack. Save yourself a trip to the French Quarter — we make ’em when you order and they’re in your mouth in 4 minutes!


Italian Sausage KolacheSomething Savory to Complement Your Beignets

If you’re in the mood for something savory with your beignets, try one of our Italian Sausage with Provolone Cheese Kolaches. The 24-hour Shipley Do-Nuts Italian Sausage Kolaches are a Czech delight with an Italian twist. They are a lightly spicy Italian Sausage and Provolone Cheese wrapped in Shipley Do-Nuts pillowy soft yeast raised the dough. These guys are so unique and popular we only serve them at night and on weekends… Ok, scratch that! You talked, we listened. Now ALL varieties of donuts, kolaches, and beignets are available fresh 24/7. “My grandparents on my mother’s side were Italian immigrants who lived near New Orleans before moving to Beaumont, Texas. So I thought I’d share this delightful combination of New Orleans style Beignets and Italian Sausage with our guests. We hope you will enjoy them with us next time you are in the Houston area.”

After DarkEnjoy Our Beignets, Donuts and Kolaches at a 24-hour Shipley Do-Nuts Location Today!

Our friendly, attentive staff is eager to delight you beyond your expectations. Our lobby is open between 4 am and 10 pm for your enjoyment. We have a quiet, comfortable outdoor patio that is available 24 hours. So if you’re looking for a late night place to hang out and chill, buzz through our 24-hour Shipley Do-Nuts drive-thru for your favorite coffeehouse beverage and some munchies. And then pull your car around front, park and claim your spot on the patio. There’s FREE Wi-Fi too! Order our menu items online for store pickup today!

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